Loong week with tons of work. Did manage to send of some
snail mails on thursday however in order to get hold of the
needed papers for my Australian work permit.

Been building and testing X number of GStreamer builds this
week in preparation for our 0.4.0 release. I feel we are
getting closer and closer, but my vision of the QA phases
getting shorter as we moved forward is not turning out to be
correct. Guess that will not happen until we enter 1.x land.

My best guess now is that we might be able to get it out
sometime next week. Of course my contributions to the
process are rather minor, the real heroes of the QA process
are people Wim, Steveb,wingo and especially
thomasvs. I am just pointing out the build
errors etc., they are the people doing the real work.

Well hopefully I will be able to move from the library
level to the apps level this weekend in my testing :)

Also upgraded to RH7.3 from RH7.2 today. Darn sexy upgrade
RH is providing. The Swap increase screen for instance was a
very nice and polished touch for instance. The thing was
however that this was the first time I didn’t upgrade at
once when a new release was out. There wasn’t really a neeed
to for me as 7.2 was working very well for me and I knew of
no new features in 7.3 I needed. The story was quite
different for my laptop where the updated XFree drivers with
support for Radeon Mobility was a critical factor :).
What got me moving on the upgrade in the end was that
thomasvs is making a gstreamer apt
repository and his 7.2 support was rather bare :)