I like reading books, problem is I am a fast reader which
means that I go through a book in a matter of days, which
means that they are shortlived entertainment. Anyhow
Saturday I bought Terry Goodkind’s The Pillars of Creation.
It is the latest installement of a series called The Sword
of Truth. Actually I don’t think they are very good books,
the author spends 90% of the book on trivialities when the
books are supposed to be about ‘the survival of the world’.
And when he then spends a lot of time trying to build up to
something great like someone being appointed to a great
destiny, that destiny turns out to be a paragarph stating
that ‘here, you are the mailman take this south’. Also when
the great battle between good and evil finally arrive at the
end of the book it is also like a paragraph and done. There
are a lot of other things I don’t like about his books too.

So why are I reading them then? Well when you have read
close to what I now estimate to be like 1500 books you are
starting to get short on good books to read at least since I
usually limit myself to the fantasy genre. So why am I
writing this? Well I just needed to rant about how unahppy I
was with the latest book I read :)

For some good reading I suggest Robert Jordans Wheel of Time.