Good day yesterday with GNOME2 out. YAY!! Now all I need to do is make sure all the patches that I want see go in, that has piled up during the freeze for 2.0, go in now :)

On the GStreamer front thomasvs also managed to fix one of our two schedulers to make it work for ‘everyone’. This means we are now ready I think to do GStreamer 0.4.0.

Been using Rhythmbox extensivly for the last few days and it is definetly stable enough as a demo app, even if functionality is still not where it was before the latest GUI rewrite. Cool thing is that steveb have fixed the gstvideowidget used by gst-player so implementing Vizualisation plugins in Rhythmbox should now be easy.

People are reporting that gst-player works well, but it has some issues with its disting and me having taken a solemn oath to only use rpms with GStreamer (in order to catch a lot of build issues as they occur :) have not been able to get it working. Hope to get it packaged soon, and I am wondering if we should release it under the name ‘GNOME Media Player’ instead of gst-player. In the GNOME2 menu it is just called Media Player so I think this is fitting.

wingo has been working hard on the gst-editor, our GUI pipeline editor. He has been making some nifty screenshots and claim stuff is working, but I just get tons of warnings :), hopefully I will discover what the issue is there and get it fixed.

Another cool development I learned of yesterday is Wim Taymans who is making a video-wall plugin (enabling stuff like those big screens at shopping-malls where there are big screens consisting of many smaller screens.)