Was working today on getting the last papers I need from current and former employers in regard to being able to send of the first set of papers to .au for approval. Starting to regret that I didn’t get a good reference letter from my former employer when I left 3 years ago. Seems all the people I knew, or who knew me has left of other pastures too. What I have done now is write the reference myself, so I will send it of to them hopeing a kind soul bothers to print it on company paper and sign it.

thomasvs has been working hard to fix our (GStreamer)scheduler the last few days. Luckily the bug isn’t a showstopper for a 0.4.0 release (hey, still a long way to 1.0.0 :). Rhythmbox our primary sample application only gets problems with the current bug if you start it and let it play over 500 songs without stop.