Interesting week full of little tidbits. The week started with a email from ACS telling my they where reviewing case. This is the first step in getting my .au work permit so I hope it turns out ok.

Secondly I tried out the new OEOne Homebase desktop. It is an interesting concept and with just a little more polish I think it could be a good sell to people who are not very affinite with computers yet. Currently however I got hit by some rather nasty bugs. Another sad point is that they have replaced their
GStreamer based mediaplayer with something else. Not sure what exactly that something is, but it didn’t work very well. I mean I can understand a systems integrator or developer choosing something more mature than GStreamer (say xine-libs) or something to have something stable and full featured faster (while I do understand, I still think their efforts would be better spent at porting things like asf and wmf support to GStreamer instead), but replacing GStreamer with something that don’t work is just weird.

Have trying to do a small license audit on GStreamer and have due to that tried mailing around asking people if they would be willing to relicense under the LGPL for us (instead of using the GPL.) The effectv people where very kind and not only let us relicense their code, but also got the permision to do so for some code they had gotten from someone else. Thanks a lot!
More problems with the rest of the permission or rather problems reaching the authors. I also doubt we be able to relicense some of these projects even if it is ok for current maintainers as they have been around for a long time and due to that have code from to many people inside, people who are next to impossible to get hold of. The Mozilla people are a good example of how hard it is to relicense a big project that has been around for a while.

And last but not least, I turned 29 yesterday :)