Finally got my act togheter and put out a new GNOME Summary yesterday. Needed something to kickstart me and David Schleef having made a new library for rendering flash animations and a flash plugin for gstreamer based on it was just the news I needed to get into summary mode. Lots of little things going in for GNOME 2.2 which makes me really excited.

Wim Taymans of GStreamer fame and his very nice girlfriend Michele have been staying at my place for a few days as part
of their vacation on Scandinavia. I have taken them for a long forest walk and out sailing in the Oslofjord while here. Yesterday they traveled onwards to visit Stockholm, but they will be returning to Norway next weekend to join me on a rafting trip. They will also go glacier walking the day after.

My little programming project (my secret GNOME2 porting attempt) has sort of been on hold while they where here, but I plan on getting back into the hacking mode tommorow. I hope I manage to understand enough to actually get it to compile :)