Logitech iTouch and GStreamer license field

Raph actually Abiword isn’t just using libart for their SVG support, their using your rsvg library. Cinamod is even activly hacking and improving rsvg atm.

On the GStreamer front I commited a patch that adds license information to each plugin. I did this after we/I had some mail discussions with RMS about avoiding potentional GPL infringements. By looking at the license field people can now easily determine if the plugin they are trying to access is under the GPL. We have some loose plans to extend this so that applications have to activly tell GStreamer that they are GPL compatible in order for the autopluggers to give you access to
the functionality of GPL plugins.

I have to admit that my first reaction was that this was a bit zealotly, but then I came to the realisation that many of the authors who have licensed their code under the GPL did this with a clear intent, and for us not to make sure that their wishes are respected would be disrespectful and morally wrong.

Judging by the ammount of traffic the GNOME Multimedia mailing list is a success. There is some disagreements on the nature of the simple utility library we plan to offer, but hopefully we be able to sort that out in a way that leaves everyone at least content.

Have also been looking into the issue of out of box support for multimedia keyboards, like the logitech itouch.
hadess have this neat little application which is called Acme which runs as a deamon and catch the calls of these special keys. I mailed my proposal to Bastien
last night for how I thought it should evolve, and Bastien being the great person he is responded, not by telling my how stupid my solution was (even if it was), but instead by explaining how he thought it could be solved easier and cleaner. He was even courteous enough to ask if I thought his alternative proposal was a good idea at the end of the mail. Think I owe Bastien some free beer at the next GUADEC. (hmm, my list of people I owe beer is starting to grow very long :)