We released the new 0.4.1 version of GStreamer last evening.
Getting more and more proud of this release as I see that the bug reports that has come in afterwards are relativly obscure. Not that we shouldn’t fix obscure bugs, but I take it as a sign that we are starting to iron out the most important issues. Think it was also telling that the two people we needed to help build GStreamer on IRC last night was using MacOS X and Gentoo (not to say anything bad about Gentoo, but I do feel it says something that 9 out of 10 people which has problems building GStreamer on Linux seems to be using it, considering the relative market share of Gentoo I think that hints at something.)

That Jacob was able to build and use GStreamer of MacOSX last night with only minor tweaks makes me very happy cause it is something of a proof of concept that we have managed to keep things portable.

I added icons, desktop files and code to add appicons to most of the in-house GStreamer applications yesterday. Since I don’t know shit about about coding (I have a degree in Marketing and Finance) it took me some time and help, but I did it. Anyway I think such smalls things adds a lot of polish and makes thing look a lot more mature.

Had to log of early last night and go to my mothers place to feed both myself and the cat. I am house and cat sitting this week :).
Anyway this led to me watching a television documentary on the Norwegian emigration to Netherland during the late 1700 and early 1800. Rather interesting, especially the part about what things those who returned brought back in terms of cultural impulses and linguistics. For instanse there is a saying in Norway that goes like ‘Jeg skjoenner ikke et doeyt’, which means ‘I don’t undersand a bit (of what your saying)’. That last part of that saying, ‘doeyt’, is a word that has had no special meaning to me, but it turns out that it is the name of a dutch coin that is worth next to nothing. Another expression is ‘hulter til bulter’ which is a term used when something is a mess, seems this is also a term from that term and is actually a dutch term. There where other terms mentioned to, mostly nautical expressions.
(Over half the people who emigrated did so to become sailors in the Dutch fleet.)

Anther important thing the documentary reminded me of is how
important part of Norwegian history emigration is. Being a land of extreme weather and relativly little farmable lands has through our history lead to a lot of people emmigrating from time to time. This goes as far back as the settling of Iceland, Greenland, Shetland Islands and attempted settling of North America by the vikings. To the emigration to Netherlands this program described and most recently with half the population moving to North America during the colonial era (with a large percentage ending up in Minesota).