I went up to northern Norway last week for a short 3 day assignment doing a very straightforward job. Well as thing tend to go it wasn’t very straightforward afterall. Seems that one of the cdroms with the software was damaged which it took me two days to realize as the damage didn’t show itself in regards to the reading from the cdrom, it first showed its
ugly head when the installer was trying unarchiving the software.
Spent the next two days there waiting for new cdrom to arrive which it turned out it didn’t. So now I have to go back up there tommorow to actually do the job. Of course during these 4 days I had to continually answer questions and try and explain why things was as they where. Sometimes I feel so mentally tired due to stress factors such as these that I just don’t know what to do.

It also turns out that the support representative I had to strugle with up there wasn’t indian as I supposed due to his severely limited english skills (which added to my mental anguish up there), he was french….

This weekend hasn’t been very relaxing either. When getting back I had to stress around on friday to get some administrative tasks done at work, go to a doctor to see if we can discover why I have been suffering a bad cough for 3 weeks non-stop now and last but not least drive 4 hours to get to a weekend of horse riding with some people from work.
Of course I couldn’t stay for the full duration as I had to get back in order to attend a party 3 of my friends was having to celebrate their 30th birthdays this year.

Today I have to get a new GNOME summary out and I should probably book an airplane and hotel to go back up north,
but I don’t think I can even come close to find the motivation to get the airplane this evening instead of taking the one tommorow morning. I anyone complains I just think I tell them that it was their own fault for not confirming that the new cdroms had arrived as they promised to do.