Got Red Hat 8.0 installed on my machine last night at it is very sweet! I needed to use both the networking and X windows config tool last night and they booth looked great and worked well.

Only thing I missed was the GNOME2 menu editing stuff, which was not included, but I guess it came into GNOME CVS at to late a date to include it.

On the GStreamer front things are progressing well. Wim is working on a new scheduler which hopefully will let us leave scheduling issues behind for a good while. Ronald is busy on getting gst-record ready for a release. He is also debugging the asf video demuxer that Owen wrote. Thomas is hacking on Dave/Dina at the moment and also has some work work he needs to catch up to, yet he seems to be able to sneak in doing cleanups and fixes to GStreamer somewhere in between it all ;). David Lehn is has been working on the debian packages and python bindings lately and David Schleef seems to have more little coding projects going on that I thought humanly possible. Steve seems to be a little busy getting settled back in New Zealand, but hopefully he will be back soon as we need to get libgstplay useable for the mozilla plugin that David Schleef is doing.
Christian Meyer is still hard at work on the C++ bindings, while lot of code has been commited they are still designing and re-designing stuff to make sure the bindings are easy to use and also integrates well with the rest of the gtkmm stuff. Haven’t seen Zeshan in a while online, hope he has gotten into trouble for his political articles back home. And last but not least (of the most active contributors) we have Andy who has just released the first and latest gst-editor before packing his rucksack to go to Africa for two years, and who will be missed while he is away. Hopefully he remember to send us his contact info so it is possible to go and visit him while there.

On my own front I need to give myself a kick in the ass and learn how to use thomas bitches system so I can be of more assistance in the release process again, especially important since I want to help bring about a much higher release frequency on GStreamer.