Putting finishing touches on a new interview I just done, think it will be rather popular when John puts it up on linuxorbit next week.

I made myself a bit usefull today and made a website for Gnonlin today.
Gnolin is our library for nonlinear video editors and it is starting to be usefull so I felt a webpage was in order :).

Some people have asked me what is happening with my .au workpermit application. Well ACS said I would get a reply in about 10 weeks, 8 weeks have now past. So hopefully I can move onto the next stage within the next 3 weeks.

nymia if you want to work on SVG rendering I suggest you look at the rsvg library in GNOME cvs. It was originally made to render SVG icons in Nautilus but has lately been updated to render SVG for lots of stuff and its rendering speed and capabilites has also been improved. It only depends on libart so it is also very versatile and portable.