pfremy I think your reading of my interview is heavily coloured by your premade opinion. While there are issues in Nautilus as my interview did illustrate your are blowing these issues out of proportion.

First of all the mime support in Nautilus is and as far as I know has always been tied in with the rest of GNOME, but Nautilus as the filemanager is the most major user of the mime-system, which was why it was covered as a ‘Nautilus’ issue.

As for the file access we have something called gnome-vfs in GNOME that does the same thing as kioslaves in KDE.

Nautilus don’t have a file dialog, and I can’t even see why you would want one in a filemanager.

The separate theme handling was a mistake, but has now been 99% fixed, the two minor details left will be taken care of before GNOME 2.2 as the interview clearly states.

As for its own icon management I am not sure what exactly you refer to, but I don’t think there was ever a duplication,
if anything you could argue that the functionality was misplaced inside Nautilus or eel instead of being placed in a more core GNOME library. On the other hand this is how we develop new stuff in GNOME. We include them it outer libs or applications and as they mature and prove usefull we migrate them further down in the toolchain.

As for full of bugs. Well a vast majority of the bugs in Nautilus bugzilla are leftovers from the Eazel days. They used bugzilla as their primary work tool which means there are tons of bugs in bugzilla with things like ‘maybe we should do this instead of this’, ‘wouldn’t removing one pixel
from x make it fit better than y’. Such type of bugzilla usage is not how volunteer based free software projects do it, thus the number of bugs is significantly smaller.

As for slow, well yes it is slower than windows explorer, but it is faster than Konqueror…..

As for most of the future features are things that KDE already have. Yes, some of these features you already have, yet some like the video preview stuff is ugly hacks. And there are other things in Nautilus and GNOME where you implemented them after us, SVG support comes to mind as an example.

As for the money use of Eazel, it is wrong to claim that all of it went into Nautilus development. A large part of it went to developing the services part of Eazel and their marketing deparments. I am not saying that money use at Eazel where perfect, but claiming that all their money went into Nautilus development is rather blatant desinformation.

As for lacking a ‘large shared vision’, I think you are mistaken. But truly we have had more discussions about these issues in GNOME than you have had in KDE, but I think this is mostly because KDE have almost no power over these issues, you have put yourself in a position where most important design decisions are handed down to you by TrollTech.
In GNOME we do discuss more such issues because we, unlike you, are masters of our own destiny.