Often wonder about the dynamics of free software. Sometimes it is clear what
is the direct cause of something other times it is not so clear. For instance we had for some time now had a rather stable core of 7-8 contributors to GStreamer, but the last week we suddenly got an influx of new people sending in patches and new plugins. It could of course be just random chance that brings these people decide to get active at this point in time, but I wonder. Only major thing that has happened lately is an increased interest from the KDE camp for GStreamer (thanks to Tim Janssen), but afaik none of these new developers come from a ‘KDE background’. Could of course be that the recent interest from KDE combined with our established relationship with GNOME has helped legitimize GStreamer to a wider developer audience or something.

Will also be interesting to see how November goes development wise. Judging but the Sourceforge statistics November has traditonally been the month of year with the lowest activity followed by December and January with the highest. Of course I can’t be certain of the truth of this as the sourceforge statistics system seems rather fickle and I am not sure if some of the seasonal changes in the sourceforge statistics are caused by blackouts from the statistics engine instead of real seasonal changes.

Have also become a fan of the advogato rating system, let myself get drag into an argument with a certain someone last week, but due to his trolling his score must have fallen bellow 3 so for me he doesn’t exist anymore. Of course I still get to read others replies to later entries, but guess you can’t win em all :)

Also looking forward to putting out a new GNOME summary tommorow, this has been a week full of cool patches and addtions so
there is lots to report :)