Working from home these days is rather pleasant, longer days it tend to foster, but a lot less stressfull.

On the GStreamer front it seems we might be making some progress on the threading issues as Wim threw himself into the battle, they fixed some issues yesterday and hopefully more today. Between him, David Schleef, David I. Lehn and thomasvs
I think they should be able to clear the issues. If I understand it they are currently looking into glib as it might be that our bug is in there.

bg commented on trommey question about relative success of gcj and mono. I doubt it
is the policies of Sun that has hampered gcj, as Microsoft has
much less of a standing in the community.

Personally I believe it has to do with who and how the projects are run. Mono has been running with a high profile, with a very energetic leader (miguel) who is very good at getting other people involved and motivated. Mono has also furthered itself by its association with GNOME and Ximian.

gcj on the other hand has been developed with a much lower profile (do it even have a website/webpage of its own?
It has not assosiated itself to a high mindshare project (yes, I know gcc is what everyone uses, but the number of people checking up on GNOME news on a daily basis is a ‘gazillion’ times higher than those who go looking for gcc news on a daily basis. I have no idea of the style of maintainership on gcj, but I would guess that the maintainer (trommey is it you) do not have that flare of miguel that tend to get people motivated and interested.

I think with the pletora of free software projects struggling for attention these days, then good code is only half the story behind free software success story.

That said I have not written gcj off as a dead project, in my opinion it is more probable to be a sleeping giant.