We are planning a little GNOME Multimedia gathering. It will be here in Norway in a cabin in the forest outside Oslo. The planned time is now the second week of march.

I was out looking at the cabin we can rent today and it was wonderful. There where a full 30 beds in the cabin and the living room was huge so even 40 people would be possible I think. Electricty seemed goods for the laptops and the kitchen
had lots of big pans and things like that.

Everything was well kept in the cabin and things looked clean.
I think this gathering gonna be a lot of fun. Only thing I am curious about is getting everone to the cabin as it is approx a 2 kilometer walk from the nearest road through deep snow and rough terrain, and hackers aren’t exactly known for their sportive habbits :) Hopefully I be able to get snow shoes for everyone

Getting the keys to the cabin was fun. The cabin is owned by an association who works to promote outdoor activities like forest walks and forest skiiing. They do this by marking trails, prepping skitracks and renting out cabins like this.

Anyway to get the key I walked into their office down in Oslo center and said that I would like to borrow the key to take a look. The lady I talked to said, ok, that is a 40 Euro deposit for the key. I paid and got the key. No asking of name, no signing anything. I guess they figure a thief wouldn’t bother trying to get the key anyway :)