A bit frustration the last few days. First of all so did a workproject I planned on being done with on Sunday not end for me due to bugs, so now I am still strugling with it.

Secondly I tried mailing ACS once again to see what was happening with my immigration assessment. To my suprise I got a reply almost immediatly. It stated that my request was received and forwarded to the consultant that handled my case, even got the email address of that consultant. After not hearing anything for 5 more days I mailed her directly. Got a autoresponse that she was away and would not return before the 12th and that all mails recieved while away would be deleted, aaargh. 8 to 10 weeks their homepage says, I am getting close to 20 now.

Thirdly I ordered a digital camera last week, to be delivered to my door my a messenger company. Still no camera seen.

On the postive side we managed to get a new GStreamer release out with a big thanks to thomasvs,
secondly I think I have enough material to do a nice summary this weekend.