Finally got my new
digital camera
just the other day. Very happy with it so far, worked like a charm under Gtkam, just plug it into the USB port and chose the model, now I only need to get Gnocam to work. Put it to good use yesterday to take photos of the cabin I have rented for the GNOME Multimedia Summit in Oslo, March.

The summit is looking good, we have just started to get participants to sign up, but I think we will easily reach the 20 needed and probably hit close to the 30 we have room for. Going to send out a formal invitation tommorow to the gnome-multimedia mailing list and select other addresses.

Personally I think there is way to few events like this happening in the wider linux community. We often talk about being a community, but I feel that to often the definition of that community is ‘cvs commit’, something which falls way short of a real community in my mind.

Also decided to strenghten my more job related knowledge this week so I bought the O’Reilly book ‘Oracle XML Applications’, so far I like it very much. My boss also told me it would be ok for me to ask for a refund from work for the price of the book, which was nice as I had bought the book on my own initiative.