Speak of the sun and it shines

Had a rather funny experience today. A friend and me was out yesterday to go cross-country skiing. We where thinking of trying the tracks somewhere new, but due to being rather confused about where this new location was we ended up almost on the opposite side of town. Anyway the place we ended up driving through was the place a girl from my past live(d), and I wondered aloud what she was doing these days since I hadn’t seen or heard of her in 3 years. Got a little nostalgic thinking of her.

Funny enough, this morning I meet her by chance on the way to work. She was still very cute. No idea about her current civil status, but I plan to find out. (Not that I think something will come of it, but I live by the policy that you will never regret trying, you only regret not trying.

On the GStreamer front things are looking great. We are currently debugging the new threadless scheduler made by Wim Taymans and it seems to work very well. Heard someone say that with this new scheduler gst-player had better seeking performance than totem (using xine). Considering that xine has been focusing on such issues for a much longer time I think that is quite a feat.

We also had the first success raport of the new scheduler working with Rhythmbox so I feeling more and more confident about it solving our issues.

For my own part I tried debugging the threading issues some more. The current theory has been that we had issues with i686 compiled glibc on Red Hat since they used the -O3 optimisation flag. This turns out to be inncorret afact since I tried making two rpms, one using -O2 and one using -O1 and both gave me the same issue. The i386 glibc packages using these different optimization flags worked like a charm. So my guess is that there is a bug in the i686 threading coding in glibc that we trigger somehow, one that is not related at all to what compile time flags used.

I am also exited about our new ffmpeg based plugin. thomasvs has been working hard on integrating ffmpeg into our build in a nice fashion and Ronald Bultje has been working on ironing out the remaining issues with it. Seems our last headache is the autoplugger, spider, which still needs love or maybe even a full rewrite.

I have also updated all my computers to phoebe, the new Red Hat beta. Some anoying bugs (hey, it is a beta), but not more than I can live with since the updated GNOME and XFree stuff is worth it. Would be happy thought if anyone know how I can fix the power management support so that the system shuts down properly. Have a feeling I need to recompile the kernel, but if thats the case I will not bother.the case I will not bother.the kernel, but if thats the case I will not bother.the case I will not bother.