Lots of patches for GStreamer submitted to bugzilla and I feel bad for not getting them merged, I have partly held it of since I am unable to build rpms atm and I have used GStreamer CVS through RPMS almost since I joined the project. It is a silly excuse really cause I guess I can do what the others do and just run things uninstalled, but part of me have this notion that by sticking to the RPM strategy I help keep GStreamer buildable and discover disting issues sooner etc.
Guess I better bite the sour fruit tommorow and just use the system uninstalled and get those patches merged :)

We did a API change today based on a suggestion from gnomedesktop.org
, but it was widely discussed. If you are interested in how pros deal with API changes you should read this little log from IRC ;)

I also cleaned my appartment today. It do feel good to sit and feel that it is clean and tidy around you. But I do have to admit that if my cousins little son, (age 12,) wasn’t coming to stay with me for the weekend I probably wouldn’t have found the motivation to clean up the place. But I wouldn’t want him to go home to his mother after the weekend and telling her my appartment is a health hazzard :)

I am taking him to see Lord of the Rings two towers on Saturday so I guess I get to see it twice on the Cinema :)