Have been feeling energic the last few days. Managed to update the online GStreamer docs, put out a Gst-player release, merge lots of patches in bugzilla and continue following up on some bugzilla entries I have going. Extending my plans by trying to help dsandras get GNOME Meeting better integrated with rest of GNOME, get Lauris to improve GNOME integration in Sodipodi and of course just talking to walters and cinamod to get their library efforts merged.

snorp has also been very helpfull with trying to sort out the bonoboui problem that makes my Spheres and Crystal theme look suboptimal in Nautilus, Gedit and Galeon. Hopefully he will manage to get it fixed in the not to distant future.

ajgenius from -art has also been a great help in helping me figure out how to solve various problems I experienced with the theme.

Tried Linux Mandrakes new Galaxy theme for GNOME yesterday. It is actually quite nice. Made Red Hat packages last night that I will upload to my server for kanikus tonight, guess I am his personal RPM pimp ;)

Also went out yesterday with some friends to watch the latest James Bond movie. Entertaining enough even if the scene where he paraglides through the icebergs looks extremly CG like.

Plan for today is getting out a long overdue new GNOME Summary.