Been scanning the archives of the
list on and off a little for the last few days. Been lots of discussion there lately about choice of multimedia system for future KDE releases. Personally I hope they go for GStreamer of course, but judging from the discussion the issue is far from decided yet.

From my point of view I would think that the only real alternative they have to GStreamer is the NMM framework. I guess it will be tempting for the KDE developers to go for a C++ based framework, but on the other hand with Tim’s Qt-style bindings for GStreamer I would think GStreamer offers just as much of a KDE-style API as anything they can put onto NMM.

Personally the issue for me has always been the advantage of the two projects sharing big and important piece of infrastructure to reduce duplication of effort, but for the time being the jury is still out on if this will happen or not. I have considered joining the kde-multimedia debate, but I have a feeling that a ‘GNOME person’ ‘medling’ in their internal debate might do more damange than good.