Been a bit caught up the last week between a busy workschedule after returning from vacation and trying to catch up on sleep lost during the Oslo summit. Especially jorn ‘Casanova’ Baayen had a tendency to need transport at ungodly hours ;)

Talked loosly to cinamod the other day about what I should do next with the Spheres and Crystals SVG theme. Dom is contemplating moving librsvg to use libcroco for CSS2 parsing if possible. Anyway the CSS2 support in librsvg should already be good enough for a simple stylesheet to allow for changing the colour of the theme, so I will try this out next. Latest gedit and nautilus releases also fix the biggest themeing bug in GNOME 2 which makes my theme look so much smoother.

I also hope that we can get moving on doing a GStreamer 0.6.1 release this weekend. There are tons of nice fixes that it would be nice to have out in the stable series. Jeremy Apoc also commited his Monkey’s Audio decoder and encoder plugins to GStreamer head the other day. They are still a little raw, but hopefully the buglets gets cleaned out soon.