Been feel energetic and tired at the same time this week, not sure how that is possible. Guess it is a combination of a long todo list, feeling caught between what I want to do and what I actually can do and keeping a good balance between the different components that make up my life.

Anyway, on to free software, I managed to put togheter a first draft of a new GNOME Summary today so hopefully I be able to put it out tommorow. I also worked a bit on the spheres-and-crystals theme and got some nice little fixes in.
Also working slowly on two other theme sets.

Helped Leif out by doing a gst-editor testbuild which should enable us to do a new release now. Also did more testing on the Monkeys Audio support which is now doing very well.

So on my todo list for this week is tons of work tasks, some .au work permit tasks (and expenses) and a host of other little fixlets in the GNOME world.