I was trying to figure out how to get the Xerox Docucenter printer at work going under Linux when I discovered that Xerox
ships a tool called xpadmin for Linux and Unix. With this tool I got a easy to use GUI that took care of creating printer queues very easily for me. Although the apps was not open source, but a precompiled Motif binary I had no problems of getting it going on my machine running Phoebe-3.

Having such a positive experience I tried getting Hewlett Packard webjetdirect for Linux to see if it would be as easily runable. Unfortunatly this tool was done using C++ which of course meant that it is unusable on any system other than the one it is compiled on. I think that making closed source software for Linux using C++ is as stupid as it can get considering that C++ binaries break compatibility for each new compiler/compiler version released, it is like planning for your application to be unusable for most of your users.

Been hopeing that we would be able to make a new GStreamer release this week, making such a release without thomasvs would be rather hard at this point. Unfortunatly he has been a little unavailable lately, which I think is related to getting a new girlfriend not long ago. New girlfriends truly are the bane of free software ;)