I went and picked up the letter I got from Australian government today, was wondering if a wonder had occured and they had already processed my application. But no such thing, in fact it was just a letter stating that my application was being reviewed and I should expect it to be complete in about 52 weeks….52 friggin weeks!! Considering I paid a rather hefty amount of money for them to review my application I do feel entitled to a ‘tad’ better service than that. I mean what do they do that takes 52 weeks? argh!!! The letter do mention a prioritized list of occupations that would cut the application time down to 4-6 months, but I have not yet found any info on this list, but hopefully my occupation is on it.

auspex I am having problems accessing a WebDAV server at work with Nautilus. If you are into fixing the problem I can probably set you up with access to a server.