Spent quite some hours today working on the makefiles for a package I am making for work. Thanks to hadess I managed to solve my biggest hurdle
which was understanding how I defined my own global variables in configure.in, and thanks to Google I got past the second smaller hurdle which was caused by how Red Hat’s RPM macros worked. Turned out that since I needed to install files in non-standard locations (outside LFHS governed dirs), I couldn’t use the %makeinstall macro, but instead needed to use
make install DESTDIR=’my rpm tempdir’

Having worked with this automake setup and the ones for my GNOME metathemes I have gotten to understand quite a lot more about automake and how it works, but I still I have to say that much of the autogen.sh and configure.in files is still not part of my internal portfolio.

I also released a GNOME 2 metatheme based around Nuvola, I think David has a winner on his hands with the Nuvola iconset. I mean I have had three people contributing on their own initiative already, and the theme had just been existing inside gnome-themes-extras up to now. Anyway for those interested the theme can be downloaded from librsvg homepage