Continued my build script work today. I wasn’t quite as finished as I thought yesterday. Today I needed to figure out stuff like how to rename files by adding a variable to the name and get Make to package that and how to add new options to configure to set those variables. Todays helpers where thomasvs and cinamod

My final bonus issue is running some apps as a specific user, not root. Luckily jrb is checking out that question for me.

Anyway when this is done I have a really nice rpm for our customers running Oracle Applications on Linux. This rpm integrates the stopping and starting of Oracle processes with the init.d stuff of Red Hat, meaning that you see stuff as ‘Starting Oracle Database OTEST’ [OK]. The package also adds all the Oracle Admin tools to your GNOME menu and installs a set of easy to use crontab scripts for making backups.

The by changing two parameters in the SPEC you can make parallel installable RPMS for each instance you are running. So if you have two Oracle Applications systems on one machine, then you can build and install both RPMS with no conflict.

Of course the job is not fully done yet, I mean I have the build system going now, which was the unchartered territory for me, but I still have quite a lot of simple labour to do making little scriplets to stop and start all the different processes that is part of Oracle Applications.