Got Majesty for Linux in the mail on friday, spent the weekend either playing it or doing work related tasks. I do enjoy playing Majesty a lot, it is in many ways Heroes of Might and Magic as a realtime game, and they have managed to do the playsystem well. For instance I am bored out of my mind of the Warcraft/Starcraft engine, but Majesty is different enough to make things fun again.

Of course this weekend is an example why I tend to try and stay away from games, they suck up a lot of time, while not really giving me anything useful back. I mean time spent on games doesn’t really move my life forward in anyway; playing games don’t really teach me anything, doesn’t improve my social skills, do not promote my career or any other variable that I feel is an objective plus. They do entertain me; which is why I did spend so much time this weekend playing it, but there are other things I can do that I feel are entertaining which also has other positive effects.

So hopefully I will manage to let Majesty rest today and do something more productive ;)