Built myself an RPM from gnome-panel CVS 2.2 branch yesterday and finally SVG icons work in the panel menu. kmaraas is doing a new GNOME 2.2 panel release which is great as it will enable people to instantly upgrade to a working version of the panel to try out the menu icons provided in gnome-themes-extras. Now all that remains is updating the themes to really theme as much as possible.

Got two new SVG based themes on the way to gnome-themes-extras, the first is new to GNOME and the second is new to everyone :)

I also managed to clean up the SPEC file for CVS of GStreamer plugins the other day. It now has a structure that makes it a much better solution for upgrading the default RH packages.
For some strange reason ffmpeg doesn’t build when packaged now, but hopefully I will be able to dig out why over the next few days.

Also been thinking about doing some new GNOME interviews. This time focusing on people doing some really innovative stuff out there. Think it would show the reality of how free software developers innovate, while large companies who demand the freedom to innovate in their antritrust defence never truly does.