Managed to do a new release of gnome-themes-extras
the package of SVG based metathemes for GNOME I maintain. The themes took a major leap forward in intregration quality lately with panel icon themeing starting to work with gnome-panel Currently only the Nuvola and Wasp themes take advantage of this to advanced degree, but I hope that Gorilla and Lush will follow.

I am also working on adding 2-3 themes to the package, with 2 of them already being partially in CVS, but they need some more love before I feel they are ready for primetime.

cinamod is doing a new librsvg today which is good as it contains a few little rendering fixes. librsvg mostly renders thing ok now, as the screenshots for g-t-e shows, but there are a few glitches which I hope we get to over time. Dom seems a little overextended atm however so I am hopeing for someone new to come to the rescue and help us take librsvg that last mile to perfection. If anyone is reading this and wants to help out me and Dom can be found in #librsvg on