My tan is darkening after another blue sky/hot sun weekend sailing in Oslo. This is how life was meant to be :) Ok, so I spent most of Saturday at work, but still.

Didn’t get much productive work done this weekend, but I do plan on getting a new GNOME Summary out either today or tommorow.

Got some criticism for approving a story about the new GNOME website look onto, but I can’t help but feel I did nothing wrong. When you change the frontpage of the gnome website, the change is official by nature. It was not like I announced

While working on the GNOME themes lately I have started to ponder the mechanism for theming application icons. The problem with the current filename based approach is that it seems people tend to use both different icons for the same applications or at least give the icons different names. There is also the issue distributions in the name of userfriendlyness assigning generic icons to different applications. My current solution to at least some of the issues involved is having my metatheme package create lot of symlinks, but it doesn’t really solve everything.

The only alternative method I know is the one currently applied by GTK+ in regards to its stock icon themes (a method to be replaced by the filename method in the next release of GTK+). The GTK+ method lets you assign icons with any filename to a programatically defined name. Problem with this method is that it puts more effort onto the programmer and is according to the Sodipodi developers quite hard to implement for custom widgets (which sodipodi use a lot of). I am also not sure if this method truly solves the problem.

I guess the fix here will be to help clean up the icons and the icons names used by application. Martin gave me permission to update the gpdf package to use a custom icon for gpdf which will take care of one package, but many others probably also need some love. Oh well, it took me some time, but I think that we have nailed all important issues with using SVG graphics in GNOME now so I guess I need a new pet metaproject anyway :)