Got latest epiphany and galeon installed on my laptop yesterday and used them both. To be honest I think the difference between the two is rather marginal. The most major difference is in the preference menu, but even there I can’t help feel that the difference is more look than actual functionality.

Been some discussion of what browser to go with as the default GNOME webbrowser, personally I feel the issue is rather marginal usability and integration wise, and instead we should look at which has the least amount of bugs / most maintenance when the time comes for actually including a browser in the core package.

Which brings me around to related issue, the issue of applications truly conforming to the HIG, being integrated with GNOME etc. Mostly the change of focus has been good as it has brought the debate away from being about pure technical issues to be about usability and integration. It has not however solved the basic problem that you have in any organisation where decisions are made, where people tend to make the arguments to fit the choice instead of making the choice based on the arguments. Of course I am not claiming to be innocent of this myself, it is a very human thing to do.

When skimming through Jeffs cool planetgnome
website today it occured to me that it is the closing of a circle. It started by Advogato being set up as a blogging tool and people found it interesting to read since it contained news tidbits from many different developers. Then many of these developers wanted to host their blogs on their own site with their other stuff. Problem with this was that of course very few people actually read their blogs cause who bother going to 50 websites to read something which just as often is personal ramblings as it is cool news. So Jeff sets up planetgnome which I guess could be seen as a way to re-advogatize these blogs in the context of gathering them all into one central location :)