Some days it feels like the world conspires against you. I have been spending the last 3 looong days on a task I had set aside half a day to complete. First I had some database consistency troubles. When I managed to fix that I realized I needed to reformat the USB disk to use ext2 to be sure that it would preserve case sensitivy properly. Or actually I thought about making a tarball, but fat32 has a 4GB file size limit.
Anyway it seems linux is unable to handle formating a usbdisk without crawling to halt for some reason. Then when I finally got the disk formatet I started the file copying and went home. Arriving this morning I discovered that the server must have rebooted/crashed while copying files to the usbdisk, that it only had copied maybe 10% of the files before crashing, that I needed to reformat the disk again since there seemed to be some hard file system corruption on it now.

So if my frustration over this wasn’t enough I got a reply from the Australian migration authorities regarding an email I sent them. It turns out that since I lodged my application they changed their list of high priority professions which means I my work permit will probably take 1 year to process instead of 4-6 months…aaargh!!! But maybe even more frustrating was that I got a relatively standardized reply which means I don’t really know, I can just assume. And it didn’t even answer the most important question I asked, namely if they now had all the papers they need from me.