Non productive weekend free-softwarewise for me. Today I woke up and chatted a bit online before going out to buy some tools etc. After that I ended up looking at a movie my sister lent me, Nothing Hill. Some good jokes etc. in it, but I guess it definetly goes in the ‘girl film’ category :)

Then I went over a to a friends place who is betatesting the Playstation 2 network support, played a FPS shooter game called Seals on the net.

Also talked to my mother today and was ‘drafted’ to go help cheer on my cousins son tommorow when he plays fotball during Norway Cup, seems I was also drafted to keep the kid entertained tommorow afternoon as he is staying at my mothers place until Monday morning.

I don’t really mind, I love children, but I think I am getting to a point where I rather have my own than babysit someone elses, of course the is currently a small practical issue that needs to be adressed for that equation to work out :)

Been downloading the Oracle Collaboration Suite over the last two days. Want to get the GNOME tools working flawlessly with it in order to get people at work to start using Linux and GNOME on their desktops.