The lastest delay in my Australian migration plan is eating at me. Before I got the latest mail I was literally bustling with energy, but after this last mail I am having trouble finding motivation again. The basic problem is that I in many ways have my life on pause waiting for the migration to happen. Since it is so near I feel it meaningless to plan or do anything with a more long term perspective, but living a year in a sort of limbo state is not that fun really. The fact that I can not get a clear answer to wether it will really take one year or if I am in the 4-6 months que doesn’t really make it any easier as it just ties me closer to the limbo state as it keeps the option that I could be preparing for my move already in 2-4 months time open.

Anyway I did manage to merge the updated Smooth engine into GNOME themes extras yesterday and also move Galaxy and BlueSphere out of gnome-themes-extras. There is some of Galaxy left as its Metacity theme lives on in a modified version as part of the Lush theme, while Bluesphere will be resurrected as a standalone package.

The plan for g-t-e now is to get the Amaranth theme to a usefull level and also import the new theme that Star managed to dig up. That theme looks really sweet altough it is a pixmap theme not a SVG theme, so it does undermine the pure SVG’ness of g-t-e, but who sticks to the book when Nirvana appears…;)