A true weekend weekend for me, Saturday I visited a friend and we played Socom online on his playstation 2 well past midnight. Sunday where spent at the beach just enjoying the sun and the scenery.

Did get a new batch of icons from David Vignoni for Lush and Nuvola making them both more complete for some of the core stock icons. Did also manage to put in some good work on the new Metanetics theme I am doing with star and ajgenius.

Haven’t done much GStreamer stuff in a while now, partly cause I am waiting for some help with getting the ffmpeg plugin building with the rpms again.

Also got reminded of the danger of delaying the ordering of airplane tickets today. Last week I found tickets on the days I wanted at lowest fair, today only the return ticket was available. Managed to find a good solution anyway by going to a different airport on the way down, but for a moment I saw the price of the trip increase drastically. So anyone reading this; book those tickets!