MichaelCrawford: Being rated a master or not on Advogato has nothing do to with the amount of time you spend working on free software. People’s rating is about how well they know you and how good they think you are, you can also only become Master afaik if someone who is already a master themselves certifies you as such.

Anyway I spent some time yesterday evening hacking on the gnome-themes-extras-package again. Integrated the new very cool Amaranth GTK+ theme from Andrew and did many other additions and fixes to the themes.
I also moved the Smooth theme engine into its own directory structure which sent me on a long row of cvs add’s and remove’s before I figured out what I was doing wrong. It seems I hadn’t removed the CVS dirctory in a subdirecty moving it over so that whenever I did cvs add and cvs commit the code got added to the old placement in CVS. When updated CVS afterwards it placed the files back in the old dir, which made me remove them which removed them from the new dir when I updated again, which as you might figure made me scratch my head in confusion a couple of times, especially as the cause-effect connection wasn’t always that clear due to timing.

That said with the latest addtions from David Vignoni and Michael Doches the themes in the package are looking really nice. Not 100% complete, but the incompleteness is moving from critical components to less critical components.
The new Metanetics theme is also looking quite good, but we still lack a Metacity theme for it and there is also a lot of work left on the icon theme. I still hope to be able to do a new release this week, but maybe without Metanetics if we can get the Amaranth Metacity theme ready.