So a boring few days has gone by with tons of work related tasks, what is even sader is that my fantastic build system for Oracle Applications and Linux seems lost, which means I need to spend my own time on redoing it from scratch.

Been wondering if I should comment on the Novell buying Ximian thing, but the fact is that I don’t really know what to think. I mean having Novell on the GNOME team is a sure plus and if this move do give Ximian deeper pockets and more business credibility then that is great. Having worked in two large companies myself and seen a lot of such aquisitions from the outside I do worry that a lot of the things that made Ximian cool and fastmoving will get strangled inside the huge established organisation that is Novell. Seeing the statements from Novell CEO etc., over the last few days has given me the impression that they are going into this with the right attitude and a will to make it something really positive. On the other hand there is a looong way between the decissions being made and the people doing the work in such a big company. I fear that the Ximian people might feel like they are wading in syrup when they need to do something different from this day on.