Fun stuff, it has been so warm here in Oslo that my home computer has stopped working properly :) Or actually it is the IBM disk I have which also earlier has shown overheating issues, but which has behaved well ever since I moved it much lower in the box, but with the high temperatures over the last few days it seems the issue is back. Well good excuse for me then to do something else, like how I cleaned my entire appartment this weekend.

Was shown that gDesklets
made a release this weekend. Can’t help, but feel I should take some credit/blame for it as I always suggested gDeskcal as a starting point when people wanted something like Arlo’s Konfabulator or KDE’s Karamba for GNOME.

Would be a bit funny if they where able to integrate Javascript support into the framework and enable it to run Konfabulator apps.

Also wondering a bit about the GNOME related announcements from Suse over the last few months. Considering their partnerships with both Ximian and now Sun one could it could seem like they are preparing to get serious about GNOME.

thomasvs: I digg the sound profiles stuff :)