Managed to get GStreamer CVS head packaged yesterday and same with Gst-plugins. Now I just need to get the ffmpeg plugin building using David Schleefs automake patch and I think we are ready to release 0.7.0. The last fixes to make everything parallel installable is in and working well which makes it possible for us to do frequent dev series releases without hurting the stable install people have.

After that we have releasing a new 0.6.x on the schedule, I have come to the conclussion that we should do a 0.8.x series for GNOME 2.6 as maintaining the old stable branch has become a pain as it has moved ended up rather different from CVS head as time has gone by. Hopefully for GNOME 2.8 we are ready to do a GStreamer 1.x stable series. It has taken us a long time to get here/there, but I think that getting the design and core technology right has been an important enough goal make it worth the extra time. If we want to compete with Windows and MacOS we need well designed solutions not a collection of hacks enabling video playback.