I think SCO botched its FUD campaign with the latest leak of proof from the SCO conference. With the people like Bruce and Linus being able to show the exact history of the code SCO’s credibility has been severely bruised. Of course once again I am disapointed with the level of quality of the reporting in maintstream media on the issue. Good thing is that a lot of the major trade press is writing about the proof of origin presented, the bad part is that the journalists tend to seem so utterly clueless. Some articles I have seen seem to think it matters which Unix source code the lines where actually copied from; like ‘yeah, these 10 lines might be in BSD licensed unices out there, but the 10 lines in Linux has been copied from AIX/SCO/Irix and due to this is a copyright infringement’…..

I hope the people who actually wrote the code that SCO now claims ownership of, who Bruce tracked down, will take SCO to court, maybe by getting the new Red Hat legal fun to pay for the legal costs.