Ok, so after spending a few days in Mallorca, from here on known as German ompa music hell, I am now in Barcelona. Spending the first night in the appartment of matthias who is away in france with thomasvs and his girlfriend Kristien. Had a fun night out in town with Nat, Miguel, Chema and the spanish gang. Fun hearing about what is happening with them and Novell, the challenges of Nat and Miguel relating to homosexuality and so on :)

Got a lot of nice support for continuing with the gnome summaries, think I need to get started with em again. Maybe it is time to mail Larry asking to be allowed to work part time on GNOME ;)

670 emails in my mailbox, prolly not going to read em till tommorow. Wonder what the spam percentage is. I am sure that if my dick grew 1 millimiter per penis enlargement spam I got there wouldn’t be pants big enough for me by now