Having a great time at the GStreamer summit. We are actually being really productive at this one. I managed with the help of thomasvs to finally nail the ffmpeg related build issues in GStreamer. David Schleef is working on designing the interactivity support for DVD and flash and Ronald Bultje has implemented mixer support using the new interfaces stuff we agreed upon. The plan is to replace the mixer in gnome 2 with this one, which would mean that instead of the gnome mixer being a big beast it would be 160 lines of code :)

We also decided to at a 0.7.1 release while here and declare that the first development release towards a new stable 0.8.x series for GNOME 2.6.

Also bought myself a new wireless card today which actually seems to work perfectly with the atmel driver.

Also learned that Sven of Gimp fame has been fixing some bugs in librsvg, sweet :)