So came back from the GStreamer summit having David Schleef stay for a day in Oslo before starting his journey home to the US. The week in Barcelona was great and it is though getting back to the bleary dullness of everyday life. Not sure it made things better that I am getting shipped around the first days back home. Was in Lillehammer the last two days and are going to Bergen next, probably as early as saturday.
Anyway David is a fun guy to hang out with and I think he managed to see a lot of Oslo during his short stay.

I really loved Barcelona and is considering different options for moving there. I realized my earlier misgivings about moving to a non-english country where probably misplaced, yet the concept of moving there to stay is not as easy on me as the concept of moving to Australia to stay. But I guess by moving there to live for a year or two would be a good experience even if I decide to move on to Australia later.

Learned something about myself as part of these considerations also and that is that I have gotten rather attached to rather padded lifestyle. Which means I am not prepared to move without getting a salary I feel will enable me to maintain my current way of life. It is not that I am rich, like people getting bought out by Novell and simmilar, yet I definetly have a financial sitation that gives me a fairly decent elbow space. The last year I have started to wonder if my involvement in free software was a sign of an altruistic me coming out, but I guess my latest revelation debunked any such notions.

Yet I am hopefull that I will manage to find a way to move there without losing to much of my current income. Would be to sad if I let greed be the factor that hindered me in doing something new and exciting with my life. I think living there in a city that is new and fresh to me, yet with people I already know like Thomas, Kristien, Julien and Noele; all who I already like very much, seems like a great bargain to me.