Life consists of two main components; what you plan on doing and what you actually end up doing. Personally I make lot of plans and few of them actually ends up happening, personally I don’t see that as me failing, just that while working towards my goals other opportunities arise which I decide is just as good options as my original plans. That doesn’t make plans irrelevant however, in fact they are highly important as working towards them is what tends to give me these other opportunities.

Anyway, frustrated with how slowly my plans on emigrating from Norway is moving I have decided to move on some local opportunities that has arisen instead. I decided that my strategy, of not doing anything to improve my current life, because I plan on doing something else in the semi-near future, doesn’t really work out.

So now tommorow I am going out for a beer with some guys who hinted about increasing my salary 25% percent of I come working for them. I am also going to go on a date with a beautiful girl next week that my sister introduced me too. While I claim to have international dreams I have to admit being a sucker for crystal blue eyes and plantinum blond hair, especially when it is real :)

But today I am just stuck in what could turn out to be Norways next Olympic city. Not to bad, except I do feel somewhat guilty about not being able to update the Sodipodi flag database with latest additions, so that we can announce over 200 flags.

Bryce and co. announced Inkscape the other day. It will be interesting to see how it pans out, I have to admit being rather frustrated with the low level of GNOME integration in Sodipodi, so this fork might be a good thing.

Also realized I am really not keeping up with stuff in GNOME as well as I used to; since I was taken by suprise by the Novel Suse buyout. Guess not knowing kept me from doing some insider stock trading, which I guess is somewhat of a good thing :)

Update: Ok, so I decided to go with the flow. I sold my last lot of Sun shares and bought Novell shares instead. Don’t let me down.