The sad news of Chema’s passing struck me hard today. As others has said he was a wonderful person. He was one of the few people who was good about regularly sending me news stories while I was doing the GNOME Summaries and he was always forthcoming with information and help when I mailed or chatted with him. I had the pleasure of meeting Chema in Barcelona in September when he, Nat and Miguel was there for the Novell conference.
There is this one episode I remember especially about Chema from meeting him in Barcelona; we had all gone to a bar and after being there for a while I stepped outside for a few minutes to grab some fresh air;I hadn’t been talking to Chema for a little while then, but he saw me walking out and came out after me to check if I where ok or leaving. I really appreciated that gesture and I think it shows what kind of person Chema was. You will be dearly missed Chema.