Think I am over the worst at work for a while. Found I had some energy for free software stuff again this weekend. Did a lot of little things like keeping atop the Sodipodi flag collection, updating gnome-themes-extras, writing lots of mail and trying to get Gstreamer CVS head to build. Some irritating bug in Fedora Core 1 that makes our docs build spew crap atm.
Also managed to do the promised librsvg bugzilla work I promised Dom.

I am really positive about the week ahead, thinking that I will feel that I accomplished at lot in it :) Time will tell.

Lots of good hacking in both Sodipodi and Inkscape going on. Think the fork actually was a good thing as disagreements where really hurting development motivation for the people involved.

Really glad to see IBM starting to get behind GNOME. Think it makes my little business plan even more viable :)