Managed to do a GStreamer 0.7.2 release yesterday. Well kinda, got the files out on GNOME ftp, but there is still tasks to do to get the files everywhere they should be, make proper release notes, update freshmeat and icewalkers and so on. Doing release management for a big project like GStreamer is actually quite a lot of work.

I am quite happy about the release cause it contains lots of very visible changes. It adds full support for wma and aac. And it adds some support for wmv and quicktime. The release also includes a Real demuxer, but that needs to be hooked up to a real decoder to do something usefull.
Hopefully by the next release the issues hindering wmv and quicktime to work reliably will be solved and we manage to hook up a Real decoder, either using ffmpeg or by a wrapper for the Helix binaries.

Wheels is also hard at work porting Kabodle to GStreamer which I think will be a major step forward for the use of GStreamer in KDE.

Combined with dolphy and thomasvs working to get the new GStreamer company Fluendo going so am I very positive about the future.

That said so is there major still some major obstacles on the road ahead. For instance so are there still some major bugs both in the current autoplugger and in the current scheduler. But that said the list of tasks needing doing seems much more manageable than it ever did before. I mean there will always be a long todo list, the important thing is how urgent the items on that list is. As long as we are at a stage where it isn’t a crisis if a certain change will not hit CVS before 4-5 months then we are to be considered 100% production ready IMHO.