Ok, edited this somewhat as it seem some found it offensive. Wasn’t meant as such, but sad irony doesn’t always translate across language and culture

On a more upbeat note I did a release of gnome-themes-extras package yesterday. It contains updated Wasp and Lush themes and also includes some Gaim icon themeing which I think is nice. Well send out the formal announcement today as I wanted the GNOME ftp mirrors to catch up.

Spent a large part of yesterday trying to merge the NAS plugin into gst-plugins. Made some progress, but there is still some way to go. Since the package has some weird placements and no .config or .pc file it is a bit of a pain to get working correctly. Using the SDL configure stuff as the example for getting it to work, especially since GStreamer’s scripts are relativly advanced (in a good way) compared to the auto stuff used in other projects. Learning more and more about auto* stuff, which is always a good thing I guess.