argh, having been involved with librsvg, gnome-themes-extras and sodipodi/inkscape and the flag collection the use of SVG has become something close to my heart. Ok, so I get some friendly mocking for it, but I really believe that scalable graphics is the future of the desktop and that the use of bitmaps will fade away (hopefully).

Through this efforts I have come in contact with many of the great artists and developers out there, and there has been a very friendly tone among those I have been in touch with, both those who are part of the GNOME and KDE camps.

In gnome-themes-extras I have a total of 5 themes, three of which originally came from KDE oriented artists; Lush, Nuvola and Amaranth. The other two are Gorilla from Jimmac and Wasp; which is a theme based on icons made originally for Mac I think, but which I have extended together with the original artist for use with GNOME. I am also happy that say that both Gorilla and Wasp has been ported over to KDE by others and posted to

I have for some time been wanting to include a metatheme using Crystal or Outline in g-t-e, but neither of those has been available in SVG format, at least not in complete versions.
I have noticed Everaldo saying the SVG’s to be forthcoming for a long while, but there has always been one thing or the other holding it up. Today I sadly discovered that the reason for the SVG’s not being released was simply a petty
attitude of not wanting to see GNOME use the actual SVG’s as icons before KDE can do so. The following quote from the release announcement for Crystal 1.0 says it all: Altought this version is known as ‘SVG’, the icons are still in PNG format, the SVG files will be relased once the support for the format improves in KDE. So much for adopting SVG’s in a big was as a recent announcement on Slashdot proclaimed ;)

Well guess this at least gives me more time to come up with a nice metatheme using the Gartoon icons, icons which don’t use SVG in their name, but which which really are SVG’s :)